Pike Township, Clark County, OH
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Current Page - Zoning

The Pike Township Zoning Board makes recommendations to the Pike Township Trustees regarding rezoning issues. The trustees will make a decision based on information presented but it takes all three trustees to be in agreement to overturn the board's decision. For Zoning issues taken up by the Board of Zoning Appeals, their decision is final and is not voted on by the trustees. Board members can be reached via (937) 964-8186. The boards meet on an as-needed basis. All meetings are advertised in local paper(s). All meeting are held at the township building located at 83 N. Church Street, North Hampton, OH. The board members are as listed below.

Zoning Inspector
Jason Bishop
83 N. Church St. (Township Building)
North Hampton, OH 45349
Garage: (937) 964-8186
FAX: (937) 964-8328
Cell Phone: (937) 925-3419


President - TBD

President - Andy Gundolf
Board Member - Dan Maxson

Board Member - Paul Steele
Board Member - Dan Meckstroth

Board Member - Matt Jamison
Board Member - Wayne Foster

Board Member - Matt Roberts
Board Member - Nathan Steele

Board Member - Dave Hasting
Board Member - Randy Kitts

Board Member - Doris Brookey

Below are links to the Pike Township Zoning Regulations. The links are organized by chapter with the entire document at the end. The links point to searchable .PDF documents. If you cannot open the .PDF files click here to download a free copy of Adobe Reader.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - General Regulations
Chapter 2 - General Zoning District Regulations
Chapter 3 - Overlay Zoning District Regulations
Chapter 4 - Planned Development District Regulations and Procedures
Chapter 5 - Off-Street Parking and Loading/Unloading Regulations
Chapter 6 - Sign and Billboard Regulations
Chapter 7 - Regulations for Conditioned and Conditional Uses
Chapter 8 - Supplementary Regulations
Chapter 9 - Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 10 - Glossary of Definitions
Entire Document (filesize >1MB)