Pike Township, Clark County, OH
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Current Page - Fire/ EMS


The Pike Township Fire Department provides emergency fire and EMS services to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Pike Township, Clark County, Ohio. We also provide mutual aid to neighboring departments as needed.

STAFFING - The department has approximately 30 volunteer and part-time members. This includes a Department Chief, Assistant Chief-Fire, Assistant Chief-EMS, Captin-Fire, Captain-EMS, and Lieutenant-EMS. An Admininstrative Assistant reports to the Department Chief. The Fire Division is staffed 24-7 by volunteers. The EMS Division is staffed by two part-time EMTs from 6AM to midnight (three 6-hour shifts) and by volunteers from midnight to 6AM.

CADETS - For those interested in becoming a firefighter but are not yet old enough, we have a Cadet program. Cadets receive training that prepares them for when they are able to become a full member. Cadets are fully supervised and are not allowed to be hazardous situations. Contact the station at 937-964-8958 if you are interested.

DISPATCHING - Dispatching services are currently provided by Clark County. Call 911 for emergencies. Call 937-328-2560 for non-emergencies.

DEPARTMENT VEHICLES - Below are photos and descriptions of our department vehicles along with a photo of our station.
Rescue 53
2018 Supthen
1250 GPM pump
1000 gallons water
air cascade system
60 gallons foam
Engine 53
2002 Pierce
1250 GPM pump
1000 gallons water
60 gallons foam
Tanker 153
2020 Rosenbauer
750 GPM pump
2000 gallons water
Tanker 253
2012 Rosenbauer
500 GPM pump
1800 gallons water
Grass 53
2024 Chevy
250 GPM pump
200 gallons water
10 gallons foam
Medic 53
2022 Life Line
ALS Equiped

RUN SUMMARY - Below is a summary of the number of Fire and EMS runs the department has handled.
2023 92 436
2022 104 458
2017 112 477
2016 83 362